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Co-ordinating beneficiary: Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP)

The Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP) is a non-profit environmental organisation based in the village of Agios Germanos, Prespa in Greece. It was founded in 1991 with the participation of 10 Greek and foreign environmental organisations and its establishment signalled the first concerted effort to protect the area.

The mission of the SPP is the protection of natural and cultural heritage across the Prespa basin for the benefit of residents as well as all those concerned and interested in the region, both today and in the future. Its main areas of activity are: the protection of wildlife, habitats and biodiversity; the promotion of environmentally friendly forms of development; and awareness-raising for local communities and the general public. In addition, two key factors in the design and promotion of the Society’s activities are the region’s transboundary dimension and collaboration with local authorities and organisations across the Prespa basin.

Over the 22 years of its existence, the SPP and its staff have been honoured with a number of awards, including: the Ramsar Award (1999), the Goldman Prize (2001), the LIFE-Nature Award "Best of the Best" (2009) and the ‘Byron Antipas’ Award (2013).

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Agios Germanos, Prespa 530 77

Tel: 23850 51211 | Fax: 23850 51343

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Associated beneficiary: Goulandris Natural History Museum, Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre

The Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre was founded in 1991 and has retained the principles and spirit of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History, in which it has its roots. Its purpose is to promote the sustainable management of renewable natural resources in Greece and other areas of the Mediterranean and Europe.

EKBY has extensive experience in forest restoration, having been involved with related projects funded by LIFE, the EEA (European Economic Area) and other funding instruments. It also has experience in the application of European legislation, primarily in relation to biodiversity. Moreover, it has been designated a National Reference Centre for Biodiversity with regard to the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity (ETC / BD) under the European Environment Agency.

Contact details

14th km Thessaloniki-Michaniona, 570 01 Thermi, PO Box 60394

Tel: 2310 476262, 2310 473320 | Fax: 2310 471795

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