Expected results

The primary objective of this project is the conservation and restoration of juniper woods through the implementation of particular techniques, notably by promoting the organised, controlled and sustainable use of animal husbandry and grazing as a forest management and protection measure. The results of such projects are only seen in the long term and they presuppose the systematic application by stakeholders of conservation methods based on specific guidelines. The project will supply these guidelines by means of the preparatory activity "Guidelines for the restoration and conservation of the priority habitat Grecian Juniper Woods."

During the project the following results are expected:

  • Improvement of the structure of Grecian Juniper Woods by restricting deciduous broadleaved species. In addition, the removal of broadleaved species will also allow the spread of plant species, among which are many species that are rare at national, European and global levels.
  • Improvement of forest functions, which will be achieved through the increase of plant species and the creation of favourable conditions for wildlife.
  • Improvement and enhancement of the natural regeneration of juniper woods. The improvement will be achieved through (a) the planting out of juniper seedlings which will enhance regeneration rates and (b) the selective logging of broadleaved species, which will create a better, lighter environment for juniper growth.
  • Reduction of the risk of wildfires, which will be achieved by the clearing and removal of biomass.
  • Promotion of the importance of the habitat and its conservation at local, national and European levels, as well as promotion of the economic benefits it offers.