“Turdus and Excelsa”…


Wednesday 20 September 2017

…a tiny thrush and an old juniper tree, the two heroes of a fairytale meet in the Municipal Library in order to motivate and inspire the children of Prespa.

During the summer, on the 3rd of June, the fairytale characters came alive by children of the local primary school through a theatrical play, supported by the facilitator Mina Demerouti.

In autumn, when the landscape starts changing, but Junipers remain the same, activities continued. High school pupils met on the 16th and 17th of September, applied colors and imagination to illustrate the fairytale. The workshop was facilitated by Michaela Mitkoudi, a student of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia.

The fairytale “Turdus and Excelsa” was perceived and created during the implementation of the environmental education programme “The secrets of junipers”, within the local primary school in spring 2016 and the local high school in spring 2017.

The actions were supported by the Municipality of Prespa, within the framework of the project LIFE12 NAT/GR/539 – JunEx.