The high school students of Prespa explore the Juniper woods


Monday 8 May 2017

Thirty six students from the Highschool of Laimos in Prespa completed the activities of the specially designed Environmental Education programm “The Secrets of Juniper” from February to April 2017, within the framework of the project LIFE12 NAT/GR/539 –JunEx.

Under three meetings within the classrooms and outdoors, the students gained a lot of knowledge for the juniper woods through innovative and fun activities. Posters, presentations ,experiments, creative drawing, use of technology and games introduced the children in the secret world of junipers, provoking their interest and satisfying their curiosity about the rare priority habitat, discover the reasons for its degradation and understand the benefits of the project’s conservation actions.  


Exploring the juniper grove of Agios Georgios in Psarades, where the students came into close contact with the actual object of the programme. Wandering through the woods on sign posted trails, several activities were implemented to increase their observation skills in nature in combination with technological tools for navigation, such as the use of GPS. Additionally, the smart-phone application “Prespa Juniper” ( was also used for additional information on the flora and fauna of the juniper, as well as for the project.


     Art creation of the studesnts in Lemos highschool ,during the environmental education project