Junipers keep traveling


Wednesday 22ndMarch 2017

As a part of the three day celebrations for the International Day of Forests  of the Technological Education Institute of Central Greece in Karpenisi,  the benefits of using grazing as a forest recovery tool was presented through the example of Grecian Juniper Woods (GJWs)in Prespa.

 The presentation focused on the efforts of the Society for the Prespa and the Greek Biotope/Wetland Center (EKBY) through the project LIFE 12 NAT/GR/539 JunEx for the reintroduction of grazing within GJWs as a conservation measure. The main threat for GJWs is the “invasion of broadleaved tree species, which grow faster and increase soil shading this is a threat to both the floristic and functional diversity of GJWs, as well as juniper regeneration. Grazing is thus reintroduced in order to control the spread and dominance of broadleaved species.