Juniper forests travel on the occasion of the international Day of forests


Tuesday 21st March 2017

The Grecian Juniper Woods are celebrating the International Day of Forests by traveling with the LIFE 12 NAT/GR/539 JunEx project. Organizations and institutions from all the Mediterranean countries are celebrating the day within the5th Mediterranean Forest week, one of the major exchange forums on Mediterranean Forests, in Agadir, Morocco.

 In this meeting, Prespa was represented by the Grecian Juniper Woods and the restoration actions of this habitat implemented under the LIFE 12 NAT/GR/539 JunEx project. This meeting, aims on bringing representatives of stakeholders, organizations and countries together in order to exchange views on issue of landscape restoration, drought-related degradation and threats of Mediterranean forests, climate change and inappropriate management practices. The restoration projectof Grecian Junipers in Prespa was presented today at a parallel meeting with three other projects, all part of the Medforval network, which includes several sites of High ecological value Mediterranean forests.

The Society for the protection of Prespa, with the support of relevant bodies, wants to highlight that forestry and animal-husbandry in Prespa are complementary practices and can jointly contribute to the restoration and conservation of Grecian Juniper Woods.