Bodies and residents of the Transboundary Prespa discussing for the junipers


On November 3, 2016, a transboundary meeting on "Measures to protect the juniper forests: Prospects for the Transboundary Prespa was held at Old City Hall of Laimos, Prespa.Greece is the only Member State of the EU where the habitat type * 9562 Greek Juniper Forests appears and only in Prespa. That is why is very important the cross-border cooperation between the management bodies of the area.

 The event welcomed the Mayor of Prespa, Mr. Panagiotis Pashalidis,  the President of the Prespa National Park Management Body, Nikos Yannakis  and Myrsini Malakou, Director of the Society for the Protection of Prespa. The meeting in terms of the invited  speakers, opened by Mr.  Panagiotis Papaioannou, Director of the Forestry Office of  Florina Region,  Andon Bojadzi, Head of the Nature conservation department, Galicica National Park, and Mihallac  Qirjo, Director of the Regional Administration of Protected Areas, Korce addressing issues of crossborder institutional framework of juniper’s  habitat management.Afterwards, Dr. Giorgos Fotiadis, Researcher of Forestry Institute of Thessaloniki, analyzed the characteristics and peculiarities of the 9562 *Grecian Juniper Woods habitat type.  Finally, Dr. Petros Kakouros and Dr. Michalis Vrachnakis from the Greek Biotope Wetland Centre and Technical Institute of Thessali , prοceeded to an analysis about conservation and restoration of forest habitat types, while special mention was made in the agroforestry and floristic diversity of the region.