Presentation of the LIFE12 NAT/GR/539 - JunEx to the Congress of Ecology in Ohrid



From 19 to 22 October 2016,  the 5th Congress of Ecologists of the Former Yugoslav Republic (ή FYR) of Macedonia was held in Ohrid by MES. During the conference, a rare opportunity was provided to the participants as they exchanged experiences and knowledge on ecological and environmental topics. 


The conference, included surveys carried out in the Balkans and  Southeastern Europe. SPP, was present at the conference with three posters on the Life + Junex program about the unique Juniper forests of Prespa. The presented posters included the following themes: the assessment of silvicultural characteristics affecting the conservation status of Grecian junipers (Juniperus excels Bieb.) woods in Prespa, the identified threats and conservation measures for the priority habitat type 9562 Grecian Juniper woods in Prespa National Park in Greece, and more specific topics, such as the embryo viability of Juniperus excelsa of the Transboundary Prespa area.


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