Environmental Education 2016: Deciphering the Secrets of Juniper Woods


With the completion of this year’s Environmental Education Programme, the pupils of the Primary School of Agios Germanos, have finally deciphered most of the secrets of the Grecian Juniper woods in Prespa, in consistency with the title of this year’s project.


The children learned all about the morphological characteristics of juniper through discussions, presentations and environmental education activities, while they understood the reasons for which the forests are unique and how the clusters of the ancient trees were created. Furthermore they understood the threats they face, the reasons for which they were downgraded and the conservation measures that were implemented through LIFE12-JunEx project.

As every year the last meeting of the program was held on the “field” offering thus to the children the opportunity to come in contact with the subject they studied through the year and also to collect leaves for their own plant book. Finally each class planted its own seed, contributing thus actively in the conservation  measures for the protection of the forest.