1st Meeting of MEDFORVAL network for Mediterranean forests of high ecological value

During the week 20 – 24 July 2015, SPP participated at the 1st meeting of the newly formed network for forests of High ecological value in the Mediterranean, under the name MEDFORVAL, coordinated by the organisation AIFM.

The MEDFORVAL network was established in the framework of a 3 years project, which is funded by MAVA foundation. The aim of the network isto bring together stakeholders who operate at the Mediterranean types of forests with high ecological value, in order, through the exchange of expertise, experiences and knowledge, to work together for these sites’ protection, conservation and restoration. Prespa participates in the network through the LIFE+JunEx program, coordinated by the SPP concerning the conservation of the Grecian Juniper Woods (priority habitat type 9562).  

During this 1st meeting 15 representatives of 15 different forest types presented their sites, the ecological values of them, the existing conservation activities and threats these sites are facing. Taking into account the threats identified, the strengths and weaknesses of each site, the members of the network set the priorities for the activities which are going to take place the 3 coming years.

The next meeting of the network will be held in Prespa the upcoming summer.