The activities for the re-introduction of grazing are in full progress

Silivicultural measures including logging of broadleaved trees with the aim to enhance the regeneration conditions of Juniper are being implemented since summer 2015. So far the first phase of logging activities has been completed (in early spring 2015), while the second phase is currently in progress and expected to be completed in the coming spring (March 2016). Silvicultural treatments are being implemented in the wider area of Psarades village on Devas Mountain, while the first logging operations were implemented along old corridors used by goat and sheep herds in the past.

So far 70 hectares have been treated with logging/clearing measures. The cuttings of old fruit trees are deliberately avoided as they consist food for the area’s wildlife whereas the broadleaf tree species that are mainly logged are oak tree species, Eastern hornbeams, Hop hornbeams, manna ashes, and others. The implementation of the first phase lasted for over a month and was completed with the transfer of timber with mules. All activities were completed under the guidance of the Forestry Directorate of Florina and the collected timber was provided for firewood local needs to the residents of nearby villages. In parallel with the silvicultural measures, the infrastructure works for the re-introduction of grazing in the area, i.e. the construction of a new open water-tank, the maintenance of an old one and an animal shelter were completed in December 2015.