Networking LIFE+ projects: JunEx in Prespa and JUNIPERCY in Cyprus

As part of the LIFE + JunEx project activities is to establish routes of communication and the exchange of information and expertise with other projects, organizations and scientists that can provide input to the project or make use of its results. In this framework, SPP exchanged visits with the team of the LIFE + JUNPERCY, a project which promotes and enables the long term conservation of the endemic forests with Juniperus spp. in Cyprus.

In October 2014, the team of LIFE + JunEx visited the region of Madari in Cyprus, where the mattoral with J. excelsa occurs uniquely at Madari, while the site has some of the best mattorals of J. oxycedrus. In December 2014, the team of LIFE + JUNIPERCY visited the juniper forest of Agios Georgios at Psarades village, and had the opportunity to observe closely the habitat type 9562 *Greek Juniper Forests, which has only been recorded in Prespa. During these visits, the teams of both programmes exchanged views and experiences and discussed their difficulties related to the project, such as the low rate germinability of seeds, a problem facing both regions.