4th Mediterranean Forest Week and MEDFORVAL network

During the week 17-20 March, SPP participated to the 4th meeting of stakeholders for the Mediterranean forests with the theme of the week being “Improving livelihoods: the role of Mediterranean forest value chains in a green economy”. The purpose of these meetings is to bring together all the Mediterranean stake holders, such as ministries, forest inspections, NGOs, National Parks, academics, independent researchers and foresters, and exchange knowledge, experiences and practices that can benefit the conservation and management of the Mediterranean forests.


Promote innovation, cross-sectorial cooperation and the development of the economy to increase resilience of forested ecosystems were the main subjects to which the sessions of the week concentrated on. In the framework of the partnerships established at these kind of meetings, SPP presented the LIFE+JuEx project for the restoration and conservation of the juniper forests of Prespa, in order to be one of the Mediterranean forests type that will be part of the newly established network MEDFORVAL, for the high ecological value forests of the Mediterranean. The network is coordinated by the organisation AIFM and aims to bring together stakeholders who operate at the Mediterranean types of forests with high ecological value, in order to share expertise, experiences and knowledge about the conservation and development of the regions, we found these forests. You can see the LIFE+JuEx project presentation here.