Participation in the 8th range & pasture conference

Two papers related to the Greek Juniper Forest in Prespa National Park were included in the proceedings of the 8th range & pasture conference organized in Thessaloniki, 1-3 October 2014.

More specifically the first one under the title “Regulation of grazing as restoration and conservation measure of the Juniperus excelsae grasslands” (M.Vrahnakis, G.Fotiades, E.Koutseri, S.Nassiakou and K.Soutsas) and  the second “Evaluation of Greek  Juniper Forests Forests *9562 habitat in Prespa National Park and proposed measures for its restoration and conservation” (G.Fotiadis, M.Vrahnakis, P.Kakouros, E.Koutseri). The conference proceedings were prepared prior the conference aiming to gather the attainments of range and pasture research. Presentations of the relevant papers were conducted during the conference. Please find the relevant proceedings (in greek) here.