Action E1: Notice boards

Noticeboards with interesting information about the natural and cultural values of Grecian Juniper Woods, as well as about the upcoming works of the project, will be placed at various locations in the woods. A total of eight boards will be installed at points near the infrastructure to be built as part of the project, as well as at well-visited central locations, such as the village of Psarades.

December 2016-Action Progress

During the first year of the project, 8 bilingual notice boards aiming to highlight the natural values of the forest, the cultural elements that are interrelated with the forest, as well as the interventions of the project were placed in central spots where residents and visitors pass by.

Action E2: Infomercial Meetings

Two informative meetings will be held during the project. The first meeting will inform the local community about the project and the works it will entail. Particular emphasis will be given to the factors which led to the degrading of the habitat, the measures being taken to address these factors and the participation of residents in the management and conservation activities which are planned.

Action E3: Website and smart phone application

This website is one of the deliverables of the project, which will be updated with news from the project and other relevant and interesting information about Grecian Juniper Woods during the course of the project. In addition, a special smart phone application will be developed to provide phone users with information on the natural and cultural features of their location in the Prespa National Park.

December 2016-Action Progress

Τhe action is continuously progressing with the current website, while in the home page you can download a smart-phone application that will accompany you in the juniper forests.


Action E4: Infomercial material

Publicity materials, such as brochures and letters for the residents of the Prespa region, will raise awareness among a wide audience of the significance of the juniper woods, communicate the activities of the project and indicate ways in which the public can participate in forest conservation.

Action Progress

The action is progressing with the production of informative material during the project. In the deliverables section you can find the published material. Please note that the newsletters are only available in Greek:


Action E5: Summer school organization

A ten-day training seminar to promote forest management practices, with an emphasis on Greek Juniper Woods, will be organised during the project. The seminar is intended for experts in the field from the academic and scientific community, as well as scientists from the Management Body for the Prespa National Park and other research centres.

Action E6: Layman’s report

A brief layman’s report will be written at the end of the project in order to summarise its goals, activities and results. The report will be available in printed and electronic form.

December 2017 – Action Progress

The layman’s report of the LIFE JunEx project was completed in December 2017, summarizing the outcomes and benefits of the project. The layman’s report can be found here.